In the late 1980's Ross Merlino formed a strategic alliance with several other like-minded furniture business operators, and so "The Global Group of Companies" was born.

The group consists of Artemis Imports (Queensland), Merlino Furniture Imports Pty Limited (Sydney), Collage Furniture and Accessories (New Zealand) and Merlino Furniture (Perth - Head Office). With the Group formed, they are able to buy competitively, have a larger database to source new products and in turn dominate the Australasian market in prestige imported furniture.

The Global Group is now importing between 1000 - 1500 containers per year, from countries all around the world. We currently have offices in Italy and the Philippines and are exclusive agents for such Italian manufacturers as Alf, Nicoletti and Lao. The group has become renowned for its high quality, exclusive ranges and frequently show at Australasian furniture fairs.

Regular visits to international shows and the selective importation of up to the minute releases enables The Global Group to offer the latest in design directions from around the world, at the very best prices. Now, in the new millennium, innovation, imagination and design are still the keys used in delivering services and products that are unique and exciting. The Italian influence is strong in a market that is savvy about good design and expectant of high quality. The Global Group offers furniture and furnishing designs that are unique and exciting.

The Global Group sells quality product through an established network of furniture retailers throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are however, constantly looking for new and innovative products and opportunities to improve on the solid foundation of the past two decades. Please email us with any enquiries you may have.

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